Puppy Kindergarten

Step into Kean’s K9 Obedience and Behaviour Dog Training, North Bay’s top spot for Puppy Training! Explore diverse learning options like group classes, private consults, and online courses. Need help choosing the right puppy? We’ve got you covered! Our experienced trainers are committed to nurturing well-rounded and socially confident pups.

Begin your exciting training journey at Kean’s K9 below!

Pre-K9 Consult

5-Week Group Class

Private Puppy Consult

Online Course

Prep School - Pre-K9 Consult 

Led by Chief Obedience Instructor and Behaviour Consultant, Chip Kean, this consultation is a valuable resource for families planning to welcome a puppy into their home. It’s aimed at creating a strong connection and a positive life with your future canine companion. Puppy Training North Bay

Key Highlights Include:

Our mission is to ensure your dog’s transition into their new home is as smooth as possible. During the consultation, our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dog’s needs and behaviour. Based on this assessment, we will guide you in selecting the most suitable course or service tailored to your dog’s unique requirements, ensuring your dog’s long-term success and happiness.

Duration: 1 hour
Tuition: $75 + tax

Puppy Elementary School - 5-Week Group Class

Welcome your puppy into the world of learning with our Puppy Elementary School, a 5-week group class designed to foster structured socialization and develop a confident, adaptable companion. Guided by Chip Kean, our seasoned trainers are committed to providing your puppy with top-quality education.

Key Benefits:

Note: Puppies must be between 8-17 weeks old at the start of the first week.

Duration: 5 weeks (1 hour per week)
Tuition: $275 + tax

Puppy Consultation - Private Sessions

Join us for our Private Puppy Consultation, where our expert trainers provide crucial behaviour prevention protocols that every dog needs. During this one-on-one session, we cover the essential behaviour prevention protocols that Kean’s K9 is known for, including:

During this one-hour session, we provide personalized attention to your puppy, adapting our approach to suit their specific age and individual needs. Our focus is on laying a solid foundation for positive behaviour and proper conduct in everyday situations.

Duration: 1 hour
Tuition: $75 + tax

Puppy Class (Online)

Discover the convenience and expertise of our specialized Online Puppy Elementary School, crafted by Chief Obedience Instructor & Behaviour Consultant, Chip Kean. This comprehensive course offers instructional videos, quizzes, and expert support for a thorough and effective training experience.


Note: While comprehensive, online course doesn’t provide socialization like our in-person classes.

Duration: Self-paced
Tuition: $150 + tax