Behaviour Consults

Expert Behaviour Modification Consultation with Certified Consultant, Chip Kean

From aggression to hyperactivity, rediscover your dog’s potential through expert guidance, compassion, and decades of experience. 

Types of behaviour issues we address (CLICK HERE)

Aggression Towards  Dogs and Humans
Various underlying factors can cause aggression in dogs, but it is not due to stubbornness or the need for an “alpha” figure. Our strategies prioritize your dog’s well-being, which Chip’s experience ensures. 

Reactivity Towards Moving Objects
Dogs react to moving objects for different reasons, such as prey drive or fear. Chip’s approach involves assessing the underlying causes behind the reaction. 

Resource Guarding
Resolving resource guarding in dogs can be complex and dangerous. Chip’s expertise in canine behaviour helps us develop effective strategies to address this issue without escalating conflicts. 

Separation Distress
We fully understand the difficulties of dealing with separation anxiety in your furry companion. Rest assured, Chip employs only the most empathetic and effective methods to alleviate such anxiety and promote emotional well-being. Our guidance will make your dog more self-assured, confident, and secure. 

This includes loud noises, thunder, fireworks, etc. Utilizing our expertise, our approach focuses on minimizing power struggles and nurturing your dog’s sense of security. 

Excessive Barking
We tackle the root causes of excessive barking to establish a calm and harmonious living space for you and your beloved pet instead of engaging in a futile battle against it. 

Over Excitable Behaviour
Chip’s strategic approach addresses over-excitable behaviours without resorting to harmful methods, helping your dog embrace a more relaxed pace. Say goodbye to jumping on people and other hyperactive behaviours. 

Have you been told that your dog is just being stubborn or disrespectful? Are you tired of being told to establish dominance over your pet dog, or act as their alpha? We are, too. Kean’s K9 is here to help. Our expert, Chip Kean, is well-versed in human-canine relationships and offers professional and positive dog behaviour and training services tailored to your needs. With our practical and easy-to-follow solutions, you can comprehend your dog’s behaviour and strengthen your bond with your furry companion. Don’t settle for a strained relationship with your beloved pet. 

Why Choose Our Behaviour Modification Consultation?

At Kean’s K9, our mission is to promote positive and lasting change through understanding, encouragement, and nurturing. We strongly believe that every human-canine bond is unique and valuable. We never resort to punishment, harsh actions, or quick fixes. Instead, we prioritize building a relationship based on trust and love. Our consultations are led by Chip Kean, certified as an Associate Dog Behaviour Consultant by the IAABC and as a Fear Free Professional.

Behaviour Modification Process: Canine Cooperation in Practice

Our North Bay, Ontario facility offers an Initial Consult and Assessment for $275 + tax, which provides a comprehensive understanding of your dog’s specific requirements. As every dog is unique, we customize our approach accordingly. We may have alternate options if you live outside the city limits. Please get in touch with us directly to discuss arrangements that are suitable for your location.

Each follow-up session lasts for 45 minutes and costs $75 + tax. These sessions celebrate milestones, address emerging issues, and fine-tune strategies to ensure steady progress for your dog. Rest assured that we are fully equipped to handle any situation you may be facing.