Clever Dog University

k9 Good Neighbour Training

This course runs for one hour a week, for 5 weeks. It is open to dogs who have completed the Foundation Course for Dogs 6 Months+ or an equivalent course.
The course prepares you for the Canine Good Neighbour Test and may be taken in private or group classes.

Group Tuition $275 + tax
Private School Tuition $350 + tax

Service Dog Training

We train service dogs to meet and exceed CASDT standards for service dogs. We have been actively working with service dog teams for 5 years.

We recommend beginning with Puppy Elementary/K9 High School or equivalent education.

The process is customized based on the potential service dog, task needs, and the handler's needs. Pricing Varies.

Please contact us for more information. 

Beginner's Agility

This course runs for 45 minutes per session for 5 sessions. Dogs must be 6 months or older. The dog and handler learn to work as a team and negotiate different obstacles including:

​It is only offered as group or private sessions. After completion of the training, use of the agility course is free (by appointment only).

Private School Tuition: $250 + tax

Trick Dogs

This course runs for one hour a week, for 5 weeks. Dogs must be 6 Months or older.

Note: Dogs under 18 months of age or dogs that are in poor physical health may not be capable of performing all tricks. Please contact us if you are unsure if this applies to you.

This course will teach a variety of tricks and skills to get you started for your next big challenge with your pup! You and your pup will learn Spin, Bow, Sit Pretty, Targeting, Hoops, and more!

Learn how to pair tricks to create flashy combinations, and progress to more advanced routines!

Group Tuition: $200 + tax

Private School Tuition: $275 + tax