"Working with Chip has been a positive and rewarding experience! We are now better able to communicate with our puppy in a way he can understand. We've learned how to set appropriate boundaries for a very rambunctious pup, while remaining positive and enjoying his antics! The experience has given us increased confidence and made Gus a happier dog"

Atlas was a very aggressive dog. We got him as a pup but he wasn't properly socialized.

He would lunge at anything, - people, dogs and cars and nip at their heels. Now he is amazing. We can have people and dogs over and he is an angel. He even lets people pet him. He also listens to a T!

Thank you Chip!

It's been a great experience being a first time dog owner. 
Chip did a home visit with our Yorkie-mix Bentley. Bentley was seven months old at the time. Chip gave us great advice and training to change unwanted behaviors. By following his advice and remaining consistent, Bentley has become a great dog and easier to train. I recommend Chip's service and expertise.

In 2015 we rescued Jenny, who through no fault of her own was being rehomed for the second time.  We soon discovered that she had tendencies toward resource guarding and dominance issues.  Never having dealt with these problems before we contacted Chip who came to our home to do an assessment and provided advice and effective techniques. The relaxation exercises worked for both ourselves andJenny to give us all confidence and build a foundation of trust.  It has been a year and Jenny has become a solid and trusted member of our family and Chip has continually been available for advice at any time.   As with all dogs Jenny tests the "leadership" role occasionally still but we quickly use our techniques learned from Chip and she responds positively.  You would not recognize Jenny as the same dog we brought home in January 2015.  Today she is confident, trusting and calm and we would never have been able to achieve this without Chip's help.





We started working with Chip in the fall of 2013 for our dog Deacon. He is eager to learn, listens well but you had to stay out of his way when it came to ‘his’ stuff especially his food. After a few training sessions and multiple strategies we have seen great improvements. Chip’s techniques are up to date and always positive for both the owner and canine. Our dog is a work in progress but we are very pleased with the results we have achieved in such a short period of time. Thanks so much Chip!