Behaviour consultations

Behaviour Consultation & Assessment


Behaviour consultations typically take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Chip Kean will complete an in-depth assessment with the owners and household members to gather vital information about the situation. Afterward, you will go over a behaviour modification plan to resolve these behaviours.

Initial Consultation & Assessment
$275 + Tax

Follow Up Behaviour Modification Sessions are $75 plus tax per 45 minute session.

Behaviour Consultation & Assessment 

The initial Behaviour Consultation & Assessment may require that all family members and/or household members  be present during the consultation to give Chip the clearest picture of the situation.

Common Behaviour Concerns Dealt With:

  • Aggression Towards Dogs/Humans

  • Aggression Towards Moving Objects (e.g. skateboarders, bicyclists)

  • Resource Guarding

  • Separation Distress

  • Phobias (example loud noises, thunder, fireworks)

  • Constant Barking

  • Over Excitable Behaviour (Jumping on people)

Dogs entering the facility must be up to date on vaccinations, behaviour consultations are offered at the Facility on Stevens Street.