Behavior Consultations 



Aggression Directed Toward Dogs or Humans

Aggression Directed Toward Moving Objects (e.g. skateboarders, bicyclists)

Separation Distress or Anxiety

Fear or Phobias (example loud noises, thunder, fireworks)

Constant Barking

Puppy Consultations 

Getting a new puppy can be exciting and fun but there is some very important training and socialization that should before the pup is 20 weeks old. We offer a 1 hour consultation and training session which will help you develop a friendly, well trained pup. The cost is $75.00 plus tax

The behavior consultation takes approx. 90 minutes-to 2hrs and is $160 plus tax. He'll go through an assessment with you to gather vital information and then give you some training techniques and protocols to help resolve the unwanted behavior.


*It is highly recommended that all family members, including furry ones, are present so he can observe their interaction.

Consultations are normally done at the training facility unless we feel a home visit is required.

**For clients outside of North Bay we charge .54cents a kilometer once we leave city limits. 


Follow up appts (if needed) are 45 minutes and $60.00 plus tax