Chip Kean, MMM, CD

Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Certified Dog Obedience Instructor

Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (Dog Division)

Member of the Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers

Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

Canadian Kennel Club Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator


Chip has completed the following Courses & Continuing Education


Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (IAABC)

Professional Dog Obedience Instructor Diploma

Canine Social Behaviour & Communication

Rapid Reversal of Fear & Aggression In Dogs

How Dogs Learn


Applied Dog Behaviour

Therapy Dog Training

Service Dogs

Canine Sensory Abilities

Testing & Selection of Dogs

Behaviour Problems

Agility Training

Puppy Training

Dog Breeds

Understanding LIMA

Common Dog Behaviour Problems - Simple Solutions

Growl Class

Reliability & Games

Adult Dog Training Classes

Behaviour Counselling

Practical Behavior Info for Veterinary Practitioners

Navigating the Wild West of Service Dogs

Lisa Boivin-Kean

Training Coordinator

Gillian MacIntosh

Apprentice Trainer

Louise Simpson

Apprentice Trainer

Cosima Reye

Apprentice Trainer

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phone: 705-477-5484

Canine First Aid

Reactive Dog Workshop

Protection Training


Search & Rescue

Scent Detection

Defensive Handling 

Resource Guarding

Fear Based Aggression

House & Crate Training